Do you want to find out if the IT department in your company works as it should, and you do not know what to focus on? Looking for a way to optimize business processes and increase production efficiency? Or do you need help with a software solution of a specific problem? Our analysts will assess the current situation and suggest possible courses of action which will be clearly explained, making your decision about the next steps easier and more secure.
We help optimize IT workers workload, we advise how to speed up business processes and to ensure quality control. Based on the results of our analysis we are able to deliver the customer a complete software solution of the given problem, ensure appropriate training of his/her staff and provide long-term consulting. We streamline the functioning of the entire company, so customers can devote less time to routine matters and have the opportunity to concentrate on strategic objectives.


Why outsource?

Do you want to implement a new project and you are short of skilled professionals, or are you looking for external resources intentionally? In both cases, outsourcing is the right means to cover your needs. Just at the demanding IT domain, it can bring not only significant financial savings, but also guaranteed professional approach and expertise.
We have created TeamShopping – a new concept of outsourcing. Our experience from completed projects shows that the efficiency of software development is directly proportional to not only the knowledge of experts, but especially to their good coordination and active communication. Therefore, we provide the whole development team – software analysts, graphic designers, programmers and testers.

Power of the Team

  • unified management - a customer communicates with the team through a single manager
  • efficient operation - both professional and social roles within the team are already built
  • experts substitutability - one team member drop-out does not jeopardize the development progress
  • size as needed - the number of team members adapts to the workload and deadlines
  • variability in the composition - the representation of team professionals varies according to actual needs

Advantages of teamshopping

  • immediately available specialists
  • flexible coverage of actual needs
  • predetermined price and deadlines
  • overall cost reduction
  • regular monitoring of assignment compliance

Custom Software

Immediate Results

Custom software development is always a long process and current practices do not allow the customer to use the product prior to several months, often years of development. To shorten up the time elapsed before the first version deployment, our solutions are composed of separate modules. Each such module is usable immediately, independently of other parts of the system. Thanks to this fact, the application can be formed progressively and flexibly respond to current customer needs, which significantly improves its usability. It is also easier to perform maintenance and update modules.


We can respond immediately to the changes in requirements. Already in the analytical phase of the development process we take the need for future adaptations into account, the original assignment is, therefore, not a dogma for us. We automatically expect that the feature list is not definitive and software will grow with the customer and his/her needs. We enjoy our work and every new task is a challenge for us. Our team is based on the experience acquired over a wide range of successful projects. We can find new, original solutions, as well as cope with common requirements.